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he Space & Time; rotary, model i – vi explore the relation between representation and shifts in perception. This series stems from one of Sage's formal three-dimensional sculptural models, constructed from 6 identical squares, which intersect one-another's planes. Utilising isometric perspective Sage documented every permutation of this formal sculpture. Specific drawings were selected which offer ambiguous readings; making the two-dimensional representation appear like an impossible form, akin to Josef Albers Structural Constellations.
These forms are slowly animated through 360 degrees, moving at a barely visible pace they require 12 hours to complete a full rotation. Here the lush colours and fake wood-laminated forms Necker as they rotate, shifting our spacial perception and understanding of how the different coloured planes intersect. As time unfolds so too do the two-dimensional forms, shifting in the eye and mind of the spectator.